Filename symbols

OK, I give up. Can’t find list of little symbols that appear to the right of the filename. I know the one that means there’s a duplicate or replicant of the file, but what are all the others?

Search “Help” and/or the outstanding DEVONthink Manual for “iconology”.

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Wow, that was fast. Got it. Thank you!

Ha! No wonder I couldn’t find it – just wanted a simple list of icons – never thought to use the form of the word denoting an entire field of study as the search term.

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Good point. Maybe @BLUEFROG can do something about the wording. While “Iconology” sounds fun, it’s probably not the first search term that comes to mind. Although, if you type “Icon” in the Help menu’s search field, “Appendix: Iconology” comes up in the results.


@Bluefrog - I’d suggest making it an Appendix on its own called “Icons” … this would make it appear on the main TOC.


Suggestion noted.

If a search on icons turns up Appendix: Iconology, a search on Iconology could result in Also see: Semiotics.

But I digress. All this reminded me of how useful the Glossary is – all those terms and symbols that I’ve not paid much attention to – and categorically speaking, it does seem the filename symbols I was looking for belong there, not in the TOC, but I wouldn’t mind if the term “Iconology” was replaced by the simpler, more accurate “Icons”.


And then next up is:

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