Filename When Importing Using Folder Actions

Hi all -

I’m new to DEVONthink Pro Office, but am in the process of using it to make my home office relatively paperless.

I have setup a “hot” folder using folder actions so I can just drop a file in and have it imported and OCR’d and then have the original file deleted. That part works fine.

What I am hoping to get some help with is the filename. When I drop a file into the hot folder I would like DTPO to keep that filename, but it doesn’t. So, for instance if I drop the file “Morgan Stanley_YTD 2012.pdf” into the folder, DTPO imports it as “Morgan Stanley Document”. Is there a way to have DTPO keep the original filename? Thanks.

Confirmed, in DTPO 2.6.1 the name is lost with the OCR folder action.

Looking at the AppleScript inside that folder action, it could be adapted to preserve the file name. It’s an easy enhancement.

I have a similar folder set up on my desktop but haven’t used it in a while. I presume this is a bug? I can’t see any reason to have anyone/anything other than the user change the name of a file on import.

I’ve used AppleScripts only a handful of times, so it’s not an easy enhancement for me. :frowning: Would you happen to know what code I would need to add to the script to have it preserve the file name?

I sent a note to DEVONtech. It’s their code for fixing if they agree.

Ok, thanks.