Files app and DTTG 2.3 problems

I’m finding that using the iOS Files app with DEVONthink to Go 2.3 is not working well.

First, for those DEVONthink groups, the file grid in Files seems to continually resort itself every time the group is viewed.

Second, when swiping up or down to view another page of documents in Files, the message appears: “Content Unavailable. This folder contains content that could not be displayed due to an unknown error.” On pressing “Try Again” the documents once again appear, the re-sorting dance starts then settles down, and another swipe to view a new page of documents lands me back into the “Content Unavailable” message.

Welcome to iOS 11. is still buggy in our experience. Personally, I suggest rebooting the device. That seemed to make it work a bit more consistently but I’m still cautious.

No, that doesn’t fix the issue. The flakey behavior occurs on three separate devices running DEVONthink to Go 2.3 and iOS 11 Files App.

Perhaps others are having success, but I don’t recommend using Files with DEVONthink to Go.

It has been hit or miss in my experience. I’m personally hoping it gets better.

I would hope so, this is one of their more buggier updates.

Im still laughing at how I can’t use the format text bar in apple notes for content in a table in iOS 11, but format the content outside the table and paste it in :smiling_imp:

Yes, I personally feel it was a premature release.

Maybe 2.3 was also?

Tried Files with other apps like DS File.

Very buggy. So I recommend wait for Apple´s update.