Files are duplicated


I’m playing with DTOP trial - with about 350 pdfs (scientific papers) in it at the moment. I have indexed the files from a bunch of my Finder folders and then rearranged them slightly in DT, trying out the features to see what I can do with the files.

It seems though that DT remembers the folders from the Finder, despite me renaming and/or removing them in DT, and it keeps creating duplicates of pdfs in those (they don’t exist as groups in DT). This is a rather odd and frustrating behaviour, as I end up with more and more duplicates. I went through all duplicates and removed them, just to have 60 more appear a couple of minutes later.

Is it because the files are indexed and I’m moving them within DT, but not in their actual location? If I index, am I supposed to just leave the structure as it is/amend from Finder?

I’m confused if this is a glitch, or a natural behaviour of DT.

It sounds like you are encountering the same thing as mentioned here. It might be helpful to post any followup/additional questions that you may have in that thread to maintain continuity.

Thank you Greg, for the link and also the great explanations you gave within it - yes, I think this is exactly it. I hoped to just index, instead of importing for this particular DB as I want the papers to be available for my iPad and for referencing software (and as far as I understand they can’t be accessed by external apps if I import them into DT). I shall think of a way to tidy it up so it matches between the two and hopefully the index will stop getting confused.

Thank you again!