Files Cannot Browse Global Inbox

I am able to use the Files app to scan documents to my Global inbox but I would like to specify a specific group in the Global Inbox instead.

I can Browse within a database in order to select a specific folder.

However when I try to use the Files app to Browse within my Global Inbox, I get a prolonged “Loading” message and eventually “Content Unavailable.”

This happens on both my iPhone and iPad.

Any idea why?

How many items does this group contain?

OK I guess your question implies the answer.

For my database that works well, I have 147 items in the root of the Database.

For my Global Inbox, I have used it too long as a “miscellaneous everything box” and it has 3949 items.

So your point to me will be to reorganize that so I have only a few items at the root of the Global Inbox and I move all else to a “Miscellaneous Whatever” Group or similar inside the Global Inbox (or move it elsewhere).

Yes I am digital packrat…

Thank you

Nearly 4000 files that are loaded ad-hoc in the Files app unfortunately break Files’ limit of maximum 40 MB of RAM per extension. With fewer items in one group or the database root it should work. We have this on the radar but we don’t know if we can bring the memory consumption further down.

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Thanks - as long as I know that’s the issue I can easily work around that

An older but germane post…

Obviously, adjust for DEVONthink 3.

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Thanks - interesting idea

Created a “Packrat Group” and put most of the misc items in that. Works great now in Files App.