Files lost from Inbox

I download documents from sites like Academia and then transfer them to Inbox. I had about 150 documents in my inbox, and was exporting them in groups of 15 to Bookends, and then moving them to my PDF data base. I moved one group–leaving over 100 in Inbox, went to Bookends to catalogue them and when I returned to Devonthink everything I had left in the Inbox had disappeared. I can’t find them anywhere. First, what is going on? I have now read other comments asking form some sort of backup, but my inclination is to move everything back to my hard drive an simply index. More to the point, is there anyway I can find, and recover, these files. I have lost a lot of confidence in Devonthink if this sort of thing can happen so randomly. Suggestions would be welcome.

It’s unclear what exactly you did and what might have happened. Did you check the Finder’s trash or search in all databases for the files? Did you check Bookends’ attachments folder?