Files moved from local indexed folder to indexed dropbox folder reappear as duplicates

Unless I’ve gone mad, yesterday, via DT, I moved most of my scans from my local snapscan home folder to various folders in my indexed dropbox folder… I deleted the rest. After emptying the trash, the local scansnap folder was empty. Today it’s full of duplicates. Was I not moving but copying? Why was the scansnap folder apparently empty for a time?

From what I understand it shouldn’t matter whether I move the files via DT or the finder, but if I move them via the Finder I might have to update the indexed files. Or do I have this wrong?



also strangely, I keep finding duplicates in random folders… I had droped new files into a folder, came back later and 3 had duplicates… I deleted, emptied trash and should be good, but I wouldn’t suprised if they showed again… any ideas? it’s really strange.

Is the option to duplicate files in case of conflicts (see Preferences > Sync) enabled?

Yes! But why are there conflicts? What is the procedure to move files supposed to be, and what would be expected by the way I did it—dragging within DT from one indexed folder to another?

I noticed in other folders as well certain olders having duplicates in them after some time.


It’s not yet clear whether there was indeed a conflict. But are you able to reproduce the issue if the option is disabled (on all devices)?

I’m not sure if I can reproduce it because it all happens randomly to random files/folders… I can turn it off and keep an eye out…

This would be great, thank you!