Files not syncing on iCloud sync on second computer (shows cloud and index icon beside files)


I’ve added Devonthink to my second old Mac running High Sierra so I can use DTP3 at home. I’m using iCloud sync. My main MacBook Air for work is on Catalina.

Problem is on my old High Sierra Mac, my database is not syncing properly. Half of the groups and files have the indexing icon and the cloud icon and are greyed out.

I’ve signed out and into iCloud, I’ve rebooted both machines, can’t figure it out.

I once had an indexed drive set up on the new machine but I moved that back into DTP3. I don’t know if that’s the problem. Or maybe a problem with HighSierra/Catalina compatibility?

Very frustrating

Thanks for your suggestions.

On the problematic machine, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.