Fill in metadata window not showing after imprt from scansnap

Hi Folks,
quite recently the window to fill in metadata after import from my ScanSnap is not popping up any more. I cannot pin point it directly but I believe this happend after the last Update of DTP.

Nothing has changed in my set up, afaik no update of the ScanSnap software. I am using an older model with ScanSap manager 7.2 L60.

The imported files show up in my general inbox (set in preferences) fine with OCR applied, but keep their generic file names as set by SanSnap software, I am sending everything directly to DTP (3.9.3), not to the Inbox folder.

the “fill in metadata after import” checkmarkj is SET in prefs.

This is difficult because it is much easier to use the metadata window than in the navigator side panel.

What to do now?!



What operating system are you running?

Ventura 13.6, all updates applied

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Perhaps there’s something in the logs.

bug report is sent.

thanks by the way for the speedy reaction!!

Cheers, R.

PS: it would help if one could summon the fill in metadata window from a menu item (with selected data/files)

You’re welcome.

I am happy to report that the problem has been solved by the mighty software warriors! Somehow the resolution for the resulting PDFs was set to 0, changing that brought DTP back into business.

Cheers R.

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