Filter results by year/recent?

Hi folks,
I’ve had DEVONagent for years but never quite the hang of it. I’m having another go but am getting a lot of old hits. Is there a way to prioritise or limit to eg the last ten years?

I’m looking for material discussing age discrimination in higher education (against students rather than staff). So I’ve put together strings like ‘(“mature student” OR “mature students”) AND (“higher education” OR “university”) AND (“UK” OR “United kingdom”)’ but am getting hits from 1976, 2003 and so on (depending on which search set).

Any advice appreciated!


What kind of search are you using?

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You’d need to split into two different wildcard in order to get expected result. For instance, I’m using your search terms and move your target locations into Secondary Query entry and also expanding file formats and types.

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And the result looks like attached screen shot. I hope that help.

As a reminder, you may adding duration as well. I’m not quite sure if I’m using the right query string or not.

mature student mature students higher education university from 2010 to 2022

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Restricting searcha via date ranges isn’t a precise thing. Not all search engines support it or it’s implemented in non-standard ways.

The Fast search utilizes Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you look at those kinds of searches in a browser, you’ll see a difference or a lack.

Also, just entering the dates may help but that would also detect dates in the web content. It wouldn’t necessarily be indicative of when the web page was created or modified.

PS: You can better your query by using wildcards, e.g,…

"mature student*" AND (universit* OR "higher education*")

This matches student, students, university, universities, education, and educational.

You can also use a Secondary Query of (201? OR 202?) to post-filter the results.

How does that work for you?


A Secondary Query of (201? OR 202?) to post-filter the results work for me.

To me, if the document created date or modified date is critical, I’d probably include +202? OPT 201? as a query string but I’m not sure if the DEVONAgent engine supported this kind of syntax or not.

There are various ways to use the search engine more productively, such as 5W1H prior to setting proper keywords against aimed content, applying suitable Boolean Logic, and +, - to narrow down the scope.

The missing puzzle to me is that all the query string and wildcard has been published on the Youtube channel are as follow:

  1. AND

  2. OR

  3. XOR

  4. NOT

  5. Term1 OPT Term2

  6. term1 NEAR/20 term2

  7. term1 BEFORE term2

  8. term1 AFTER term2

  9. (Russian OR Soviet) AND submarines

  10. DEVON* search for the same prefix

  11. iPad mini AND (iPad NEAR Retina)

  12. ~Monterey

  13. firem?n

I’m looking forward to learning the core skill sets of the DEVONAgent.
It’s relatively hard to find an advanced syntax(or query strings) against searching call flow specified to the DEVONAgent at the moment. If you could share it to me, I’d be highly grateful.

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such as 5W1H prior to setting proper keywords against aimed content

What search engine supports this?

PS: if one supports it but the other two don’t, you’re going to be missing results.

The brain, normally these are the questions in my head prior using a search engine. :smile:

It seems your brain is running some form of UNIX :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all. A family emergency meant I’ve been slow to get back to this but will start working through the helpful suggestions now.


No problem and we hope now all is well with everyone. :slight_smile: