Filtering Duplicates

Is there a way to filter out duplicates that are in the global inbox or can you only filter out duplicates from databases? Thanks.

Duplicates can be detected in any database, including the Global Inbox (which is also a database). However, duplicates cannot be detected across databases.

Thanks for the response. I have dozens of duplicates in my global inbox. But when I execute Tools->Perform Rules->Filter Duplicates, nothing happens. There is nothing in Filter Duplicates under Smart Rules. I’ve tried several times but nothing happens.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please attach a screen capture of these duplicates as well as the content of the smart rule you’re using.


Thank you. Maybe the problem is that I have not created a smart rule. I thought that already existed because it’s there in Tools->Perform Rules->Filter Duplicates. There’s also Tools->Apply Rules, but the choices there are all inactive.

The duplicates are scattered throughout my more than 500 items in the global inbox. They all look like the attached screen shot.

Should I include that in the support ticket? Thanks for your help.

The smart rule comes pre-installed.
Check the Smart Rules section of the Navigate sidebar.

I don’t see any duplicates in the screen capture you posted. The name isn’t an indicator of a file being a duplicate, especially with replied to emails.

If you enable Preferences > General > Stricter recognition of duplicates, the file type and size are also considered in duplicate detection, but again, the name is inconsequential here. DEVONthink supports having files with the same name in a single group.