Filtering Tags with hierarchy


I no longer find it appropriate to sort documents exclusively into folders. You can create a certain basic structure, but (hierarchical) tags give you a more flexible structure.
So far so good. It’s great that DT supports hierarchical tags - but at this point, multiselection is still not possible.
To find documents, I like the tag filter area on the bottom left better anyway, because the provided tags are based on the current selection.

Perfect !
But: There is at least one option missing, that only the child tags of each selection are displayed. Currently you drown in the list of tags and the filter is not really usable.
I would like to implement classifications (hierarchical tags) like “when”, “who”, “what”, “etc” etc… and I don’t want to scroll all child elements directly while filtering. At least as an additional option in the filter view should be quite easy to implement but would give DT so much more flexibility !

This would be absolutely rocket like and would clearly put DT one step ahead in terms of the organisational possibilities already provided by the finder. Please make this possible !

And no - I know multiselection in the tags area should come BACK (one day?) and it would be essential to have this again… but then there will be again the problem of the endless scrolling back and forward to gather your selection.

The next release will support multiple selections in the sidebar.