Finally! Maybe my Scansnap will stay connected to my m1

I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to deal wth my Scansnap SV600 randomly disconnecting when I need to scan a book.

Loose power connections? Overloaded USB hub? A worn out cable?


Corrected issues

  • Fixed the problem in which a communication error may occur when the scan is performed on a Mac with the M1/M2 chip (Apple silicon).

still Intel only, which means that page decurling is slow. My workaround is to temporarily use a “(low resolution)” mode

Thanks for sharing this! We are also waiting for an Intel-based update from ABBYY regarding OCR, but with aging hardware and the insanely good performance of the Apple Silicon Macs, such updates will surely lag. If you haven’t used one yet, treat yourself, even if it’s just at a big box electronics retailer. However, that’s an awful lot of temptation… :thinking::wink:

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