find all images

i have quite a few pdf’s in my db and some of them over time were imported as images instead of converted to text then imported as text pdfs. i’ve been looking for a way to search through all of my database find all the images and all the image-based pdfs and put them into one folder. is there any way to do that now? could search by type be included?


One approach would be to search on the URL/Path field for, e.g., “pdf” (without quotes) and use the “no case” option. The resulting search results list (of PDF documents) can then be replicated into a new group created for that purpose. Now open the group in its own window and select View > Columns > Word Count. Now sort by Word Count. Image-only PDFs will have a zero word count.

Or – assuming that you don’t have hundreds of groups – you can simply open each group in a separate window, add a Word Count column as above, also add a Kind column, sort by Word Count, and move the zero byte PDF and image files to your desired group.

ok, i did this, and cleared out the images to reimport as txt. but what i’d really like is to be able to search by ‘kind’ the system says that i have 8000 images in here still and i’d like to clear as much of that out as i can. also i have 250 categories so going through them all was very inefficient, so something like find by ‘kind’ would save much effort.

You could use Tools > History and then View > Sort > by Kind.