Find and remove similar content - everytime needs confirmation

I have a very large set of files (maybe 10.000 ) that have similar or exact same content. But it is taking a very long time because every single match needs to be confirmed.

is there another way to make it go faster ?

That’s the intended handling of this script so that users can decide whether an item should be removed. But all included scripts can of course be customized, e.g. you could copy the script ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Menu/Data/Find similar contents, open the copy with the Script and replace this code…

							display alert this_title message this_message as warning buttons {"Cancel", "Skip", "Delete"} default button 3
							set this_button to the button returned of the result
							if this_button is equal to "Delete" then
								delete record this_record
							else if this_button is equal to "Cancel" then
								return false
							end if

…with this line:

							delete record this_record

But as this might delete a lot in your case I would definitely recommend backups first.

Thanks.I will try this.
For my understanding :what is the difference between “remove similar content” and move duplicates to trash ?

The recognition of duplicates is more strict whereas this script find & removes also similar (more or less identical) contents. In addition, the script immediately deletes the items, it doesn’t move them to the trash.