Find in the browser & Column browsing

It would be really great if the Find feature could word in the preview mode, so that one could search large files and edit them, without having to open up a new window.

Also, would there be any chance of getting the same preview/edit ability enabled when browsing in column view (or possibly in icon view if people might like that) as is possible now in list view?


The current column view won’t be modified in v1.9 but v2.0 will introduce another view combining column & document views (column view will be located on top, previewing/editing of documents at the bottom of windows). This view will also provide the possibility to edit search results.


And how about the "find" feature to work in preview/edit mode?

This will be indentical to editing/previewing found items in note pad/outliner views.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.  You mean in future editions it will be possible?

Yes, version 2.0 will provide similar possibilities.