Find Items Shortcut doesn’t find recent items

Working with the Shortcuts functionality, I discovered that the Find Items shortcut doesn’t seem to index recent items. In my case:

  • items that are up to several days old are not included in Find Items shortcut results
  • recent items do appear as expected searching with Spotlight and inside DTTG3 with the same search terms

I’ve attached a few screenshots of the Shortcut search results to illustrate.

Update: it appears DTTG3’s indexing had stalled. I force-quit the app and restarted, waited for indexing to finish and now all appears to work fine.

Do you have Settings > Previews & Spotlight > Spotlight disabled?

Spotlight was enabled but previews was not. The items would appear in a Spotlight search, but not the Find Items Shortcut search

Thanks. We made some code adjustments related to the search having an issue when the Spotlight setting wasn’t enabled.