Find not working as expected

I have a pdf which contains a specific word and the name of the pdf does not contain that specific word.

If I search for the specific word, the pdf is not found. However, if I search for the name of the pdf and then search within the pdf for the specific word, Devonthink finds all occurrences of the specific word.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

A PDF may or may not contain a word. Is it a PDF+Text file?

The file type is PDF + text.

As I mentioned in my OP, if I select the file and search within it for that specific word, Devonthink will find all occurrences in the file.

A screenshot of your search settings would be useful.

Here are my search settings:

Is one of the enclosing groups of the document excluded from searching (see Info inspector)?

No it isn’t. In fact, if I search for a word that is in the file name of the document, Devonthink will find it.

Coud you send a copy of the document to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.