"Find on page" for webarchive files

I store many .webarchive research documents, and finally try to buy DTTG to search on the go.
From there I learned that I cannot do what safari call “Find on page” in file for .webarchive files, like I can do on PDF files.

I only use DT and DTTG for PDFs and webarchive, so I don’t know whether this issue also happens on other file formats.

I noticed that there is post from 3 years ago addressing same issue but for markdown & rich text documents (cannot make reference as discourse limit me to not include links)
discourse (dot) devontechnologies (dot) com/t/cannot-search-plain-text-or-markdown/22855

please add this capability, or if it already exist, please tell me on how to do it. thank you!

Slightly off-topic: You might want to consider that Apple has deprecated webarchives. There’s been a thread about this in the DT forum some days ago.

This is a bit sad. I like webarchive, however imperfect it is. Responsive saved website on desktop and mobile is a good way to save a web.

For DEVONtech:
any chance the future updates of DEVONthink To Go 3 bring capability to search within plain text and webarchive files?

Currently v3 still has the same behavior as v2 (only search in PDFs)

It is on the list for the future but it will require updating the text editors too.

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Thanks! At least my >3000 *.webarchive files have quite some more time :slight_smile: