Find text in current document


I can use DTTG for searching an entire database for a piece of text, but I can’t figure out how to search a selected document for text (for example, a large CSV files which is displayed in columns, or a long PDF). If I search for the text only within the selected group, DTTG shows me the document (which I already know includes the text), but when I tap on it the text isn’t highlighted (or at least “jumped to”). Am I missing something?


Searching in the current document is currently only supported with PDFs. There’s a magnifying glass in the top toolbar. Other formats will likely be searchable in the future, but I can’t give you any timeframe on it.

Still the case?

Yes, this is still the case.
In-document searching will require updated text editors.

I don’t think that in-document searching (iOS and iPadOS) is part of yesterday’s DTTG 3.5 update with new text editors - correct? Is it planned for a future update?

New editor is nice from my initial investigation… thanks! RTFD docs that previously wouldn’t even display because they were too large look great and edit nicely.

That is correct. Yes, in-document seaching for more than PDF is planned but I can’t give you a timeframe on it. Just know it’s on our radar.

PS: Thanks for the nice comments on the new editor, including proper RTFD support.