Finder and Devonthink

Something I havnt worked out… what is the relationship between Devonthink and Finder or directory structure… If i am importing lots of material for research, I import it through Devonthink, how does it match with the general directory… if you move over to Devonthink are you committed - that is - does very compute you use have to have Deovonthink… cant think of a better way to ask it… the flex tin about finder is that you can move and shake your files and directories across multiple sites… files don’t become encrypted into a database that can t be accessed or can database be opened and files sit there in normal format and are able to moved, changed, etc…

thats bit of a clunky question… hope someone knows what i mean

If you use the forum search feature, looking for “Finder DEVONthink” you’ll find about 1,400 threads on this topic. A recent (very overly verbose thread) is here.