Finder comment disappear when importing file via inbox

I’ve encountered an issue when importing files with finder comment via DevonThink inbox folder. I did a bit searching on the forum but couldn’t find any discussion on this issue.

The issue is that when I import a file with finder comment by moving it to DT inbox folder, the finder comment disappears in DT. I’m running MacOS 12.2.1 on a M1 Mac and DT 3.8.2, and I’ve also tried rebooting my Mac and it doesn’t fix the issue. Basically, when I

  • create a test.txt file somewhere outside DT, add some finder comment
  • drag test.txt to the DT inbox and let DT imports it,
    then in DT, the test.txt file is there but with no finder comment.

Several things I do notice while testing:

  • if I directly drag the file into the opened DT app, no issue
  • if I do this importing twice (copying the txt file into inbox folder twice), the second imported file will show finder comment in DT (DT shows two duplicated files, one with and one without finder comment)
  • if I modify the finder comment of the file and then drag it to DT inbox folder, the imported file will have the finder comment before the modification

Any help? Thanks!!

There’s a long thread here about a similar problem. I’m not sure that it will help you but I thought it might be useful to link to it just in case there is anything that assists.


Thanks for the bug report, the next release will fix this.