Finding all items that have a (spotlight) comment

Hi, fairly new to DT. I’ve commented (via Get Info) a lot of files in my databases, and I want to filter for those that have spotlight comments. I at first thought that just using * in the search field (of the search dialogue, not the toolbar field) would do it, but then reading the help topic told me that that matches for none, one or multiple characters. Nothing actually comes up in the search (which confused me in itself – if the * matches none shouldn’t all the documents be found?).

I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but I just haven’t been able to hit on it myself. I’ve done a search here in the forum and haven’t found the answer, but it might be here somewhere. Apologies if it is.

Again, the question is: how do I find all documents that have a spotlight comment?

Thanks in advance.

You could try this…

… and that did the trick. Many thanks.

You’re welcome. :smiley: