Finding and moving all indexed files

Is there a fast way to identify and, in bulk, “move into database” all indexed files in a particular database?

I tried entering “instance is indexed” into the search field, but I must be missing something as the results seem inconsistent. Is there any easy way to search by path?

My goal is to simply consolidate all files in a particular database to move it to a new computer, but I suppose knowing about the above questions would help in other potential tasks too. I’m a DTPO user.

In a Smart Group?

I am sure there is something obvious I am doing wrong (rank beginner here), but creating a smart group with a search for “instance is indexed” ( … 3.png?dl=0)

Yields this result: … 3.png?dl=0


Oh, wait! Now I see that there is an “instance” choice in the dropdown menu. Sorry I missed that, but perhaps this will not be a useless thread for others new to DTPO.

No problem.