Finding case sensitive double filenames in EasyFind


Hi there,

My MAC 10.13.6, has a case sensitive file system. How do I find files with the same name which differ just in the case of one or more letters?

To change the filesystem on my MAC to a non case sensitive, double file name have to identified.



Welcome, @Sven1

If Comparison: Ignore Case is enabled, you would see both versions of the file.


Hi Bluefrog,

Thanks, my intention is to find all files with identical filenames just differing in the case. I would like to rename them and convert the drive into non case sensitive. Files with no double names do not concern me. Your example was searching a specific name, I need to find all files with the same name with just differing in the case.

How can I achieve that?



You could enter a UNIX wildcard * but I would not suggest doing that in one shot on a general location, like an entire drive or a user account.

Also, this is not going to match only files with differing case. There is no query that will only match files this way. You’d need some specific terms too.


With a Unix wildcard it will list all files. How do I just list files where are multiple files with the same name?



As I said, this is not possible without entering specific terms to match.


OK. Thanks anyway.