Finding incoming file

I am a new user, just getting set up. I identified an “incoming file” as the source for all of my new material (e.g. clipped using Mac services). But it has disappeared from my queue. Oddly, when I click on, say, my bookmarks file, then close it, the material in the file appears in the list pane (I am using the three pane view) but I can’t find the folder. Can anyone give me advise on how to find the folder and restore it to its place in the left column?

The Three-panes view is behaving properly and in the way that users requested during its development.

It’s possible for one to get confused about the correspondence between the contents of the left and upper panes, especially if a group contains both individual documents and subgroups, when one moves down the hierarchy, and then back up by using the Toolbar button to move to top or enclosing group. I suspect that’s what has happened here.

Suggestion: Press File > New Window to open another top-level view in your database. There’s your ‘incoming file’ group, after all. :slight_smile:

Set your Preferences > General to open groups in a new window (when double-clicked). Rather than moving about in a single view window, I prefer opening several view windows corresponding to the material I frequently access, such as my top-level, Bookmarks, Incoming, and current project views. I can move between them instantly using Expose – I’ve configured System Preferences to display the windows of the frontmost application when the Mighty Mouse scroll button is depressed.

With multiple open views corresponding to my current workflow, I’m less likely to “lose” a group or get lost in the hierarchy.

Personally, I work in the Vertical Split view, because I prefer its screen layout and the logical simplicity of the view.