Finding multiple files in EasyFind

I know this is possible, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I have a list of 200 filenames of files I’d like to find in a collection of 50,000 files that live in various subfolders under one root folder. I can easily find one at a time, but I know there is a way to paste in the list and find all 200 files (or to add a boolean operator after each file, which I’ve tried in several different ways but to no avail!). My list has the correct filenames but it lacks the file extensions. For example:

2 fish by Ruey
baby george sketch by ruey 10-1993
Bay Area by Ruey
Beautiful Flower Center by Ruey

Can someone please help. EasyFind is amazing and fast, and I so hope I can get this to work.

You would have to use Boolean & Wildcards option, enclose each name in quotes and concatenate them via OR:

“name1” OR “name2” etc.

Thank you very much for your quick and clear reply. Will this only work with filenames that have no spaces in them? I can’t get it to work for filenames like these. I’ve tried it with all 4 “Operators”. See screenshot. The only way I can turn on the Boolean search option is to turn on “File Contents”, which doesn’t make sense and doesn’t work. I’m purposely leaving out the file extension in my search because the names are accurate for the files I’m searching for, while the extensions in my list don’t match all of the extensions in the subfolders I’m searching here.

I’m sorry, the public release doesn’t support the required option yet.