Finding the file the crashes DEVONthink to Go sync

I’m told (via Support) that some PDF that I am syncing (via Bonjour) to DTTG is causing DEVONthink to Go to crash when DTTG tries to index it or create a preview. The suspect database is, in essence useless to me on DTTG, and so I’ve had to stop syncing it.

Crawling through all PDFs in the database, in DEVONthink on the desktop, in hopes of finding something that looked wrong or strange or broken yielded nothing obvious. I have hundreds of PDFs so I suppose I would have to move them all out of the database, then add each one back, one-by-one until I get a crash. That could take days or weeks.

I have rebuilt the database, V&R’d it numerous times.

I’m open to ideas for finding the culprit.

Does it crash in the 3.7.4 release?

Yes. 3.7.4 crashes as soon as all the documents have been synced to DTTG via Bonjour and the “creating preview” step begins. From that point, DTTG crashes within a few seconds of being launched, every time. Same as in all the crash reports I submitted a few days ago.

I’m not looking to continue experimenting with new releases. I just want to find the culprit document(s), eliminate it/them from the database, and move on.

You can disable the option of create previews in DTTG configuration. It won’t solve your issue but you could use DTTG until you find the culprit.

To find what is causing your crash, I would create an empty database with one group, and will copy 1/2 of the PDFs you have in the DB that crashes. Sync only that new database. If DTTG does not crash, now you know the culprit is in the other 1/2. Go forth on each 1/2 of 1/2 and you should find the PDFs with not much synchronisations. Or try 1/4 each.


You’re right. I could do that. Thanks for the thought.