Finding things in the morning

Several times, before packing up for the day, I’ve reencountered things buried deep in my Devonthink databases, that bear closer examination, but I didn’t have time to go too deeply into them at that point
What’s a good way of reminding oneself that “this errant scrap of paper should not be so quickly forgotten”? A daily diary in markdown?

I set a label from my task management process (Status-Active)
Alternative - a tag
Also a Smart Group for quick access

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By task management process, are you referring to third party software?

No third party; my task management is handled within Devonthink
I use due-date (custom metadata)
and labels for status (pending/active/completed/…)
A Smart Group for my Active Task List
I export the list to a spreadsheet for a gantt calendar view


I have three tags that I could use to capture such a scenario:

  • To action
  • Read next
  • Review

These have specific meanings to me so depending on what task I actually envisioned I would pick one of those 3. (I have 5 “status” tags and I have a rule that I’m only allowed to use one at once on a file - the other two tags are “Currently working on” and “TBR”, but neither are relevant here.)

To action is usually not reading, it means I need to do something (often write up notes or edit). It means it’s not in my current workload but mustn’t get dropped.

Read next is a half idle list of things that are “higher” priority than my actual TBR list. Usually it’s a few pdfs I’ve decided are more important than my other mountain of pdfs.

Review is somewhat unspecified at the moment, in that I’ve not actually designed a workflow for what happens once a file is tagged “review”, so right now I tag it and ignore it :joy: it was mostly my intention to stick it on files that are likely temporary. At some point in future I will sort it out!

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One status at a time is why I use the Label feature instead of tags
There’s also custom metadata, but it can’t be accessed in DTTG

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