FineReader OCR: How to correct the results

My first try to scan a book (with Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100) and apply OCR to the scan. I find that the character recognition deserves additional work. Does the software have any function to correct the OCR results, just like for instance Adobe Acrobat offers? I couldn’t find anything.

  • The character recognition in… what? ScanSnap’s software does OCR as does the Pro and Server editions of DEVONthink.
  • How you assessing the quality of the results?*
  • There is no 100% OCR solution. And the contrast, resolution, and quality of the original matters a great deal.

I want to correct the OCR result. Acrobat for instance presents to me the OCR result and proposes what might have been incorrectly recognized and lets me correct that. For instance it identifies Über as "ber and I can correct that.

That’s possible with DT, afaik.

Bot how?

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Sorry, the „not“ got lost. DT does not provide direct access to the text layer, so you can’t edit the OCR result in it.

These 3 letters make a big difference, indeed.

That’s what I was asking. I think my question is understandable now.

Is there anyone who has a positive answer?

As reported by others, this pdf edit feature is not supported by Devonthink
My solution is to use a third party dedicated pdf editor app

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Yes, positively use Adobe Acrobat. Integrates well with DEVONthink.

Many thanks for all replies.