Firefox bookmarks do not appear

From the file menu import>bookmarks>firefox
A Firefox folder appears empty!
Safari bookmarks import fine.

DTP 2.9.17
OSX 10.12.6
Firefox 60.0.2

Also any option to import html or json bookmark file with a script??


See … irefox-v3-—-v5-bookmarks/

This is an issue with how Firefox stores its bookmarks. But there is a setting that will export Bookmarks to an HTML file when Firefox quits.

  1. In Firefox, type about:config in the address bar.
  2. Click the button to accept the risk.
  3. Search for Bookmark
  4. Double-click the line that reads Browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML. The value should be set to True.
  5. Quit Firefox. (I actually suggest relaunching and quitting it again, just to make sure.)
  6. Attempt the import of Bookmarks into DEVONthink.