Firefox "can't find the server"

I don’t think this is a problem coming from DT3, but this is where it appears and maybe you guys can help me out with it. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro running High Sierra and there is no problem doing the thing that is giving me fits on my 2009 Mac Pro running El Capitan. I don’t have a printer attached to either of these computers, but what I want to do is make a PDF and send it to DT3. As I say, this is no problem at all on the MacBook Pro, but when I tell the Mac Pro to Print, instead of getting the Print Dialog Window, I get the Beach Ball for about 20 seconds and then I get this:

200217 FlyBoy Server 002

FlyBoy is the name of my older MacBook Air, which has been retired from service for the most part. In any case, I didn’t print on it either and don’t recall using it as a Print Server. Does anybody have any ideas on how I might get this call for service out of the workflow?

After I click OK I can go on with selecting the PDF button and indicating in the sub-menu that I want the PDF to go to DT3, but I would like very much to avoid that 20 second wait each time I try to make a PDF.


Does this happen in other apps too? Is there anything installed in ~/Library/Printers in your home directory?

Or do you somehow have an alias to that machine in ~/Library/PDF Services?

~/Library/Printers is empty.

These items in ~/Library/PDF Services.

200301 PDF_Services 003

Where do you get the items to put in the PDF popdown menu to say where you want the new PDF to go? I’ve done that before but I can’t for the life of me remember how…

200301 Print PDF and_Firefox__can_t_find_the_server 004

I can’t take a picture of the menu, but these are the choices when it pops down:

Open PDF in Preview
Save as PDF
Save as Postscript
Add PDF to iBooks
Mail PDF
Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder
Send PDF via Messages
Send PDF to DEVONthink 3
Send PDF to Scrivener
Edit Menu

When I Click on Edit Menu
Only these two items show up

Send PDF to DEVONthink 3
Send PDF to Scrivener

As in this picture.

200301 Menu__Skitch Print 005

Meanwhile, as I’m taking these screenshots and typing this, this

200217 FlyBoy Server 002

keeps popping up.


This looks like an alert of the Finder but DEVONthink doesn’t use the Finder to connect to servers. Does this only happen after using Save PDF to DEVONthink 3? Did you try to remove this item from ~/Library/PDF Services and replace it with an alias of DEVONthink 3?

It comes up right after I give the CMD-P and have an enforced pause of about 20 seconds of the beach ball during which I can do nothing further. After I click on the OK button, I am free to click on the PDF button and then pick from the Pop-Down Menu. If I do not use the menu quickly enough after clicking the OK, it begins the beach ball process over again and I have to wait again.

Does this happen using a new, clean user account (see System Preferences > Users & Groups) too?

I only have a single user, myself the Admin. I don’t even have Guest turned on. I’m assuming you are suggesting I add another user, so I added my good friend Ralph Malph and did a CMD-P to make a PDF from a webpage and, sure enough, it jumped right to work.


So, how do I do the equivalent of that for my regular account without a complete reinstall?

Removing all PDF services from ~/Library/PDF Services in your home directory and installing the one of DEVONthink via DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons… again should be sufficient. If it’s not, then it’s unfortunately an issue of your user account, not one of DEVONthink.

I’ll be dad-gummed! I thought I had done that before during this process, but maybe not… Finally seems to work!! Thanks!