First impressions and Text formatting?

First let me get this out of the way
Registration for the forum
3 attempts

  1. failed - red message
  2. user name in use - failed
  3. different user name - wrong answer to Name of an iPhone or iPad product from us?:

I have just started using DN last night. I know your product range? Even you don’t seem to know your product range
Are the product names on the Products page? No/sort of.
Well some are , some are not.

Somewhere in my initial usage of DevonNote ( which wasn’t the answer apparently to the first or was it the second registration question, I became aware of a reference to DevonNote Pro -
is that mention on the product page? No.
Is it mentioned on the DevonNote page? No.

Having embarked upon attempt 4, I fortunately noticed the ding from my email, behold, your registration, the first on ( the first red flagged and rejected one) is successful.

Very tedious.


Text formatting
there appears to be no means to select and apply a default. Is this so?

There appears to be no means of simply applying a font type or size, without having to tunnel down through the contextual menu, Fonts/show fonts, raise the system font picker etc etc etc.
Is this so? No plugins or means of raising a simple and convenient text formatting bar like in Evernote?

If not is there one planned for implementation in the near future?

having escaped from the slow grind of Caboodle, the really irritating constant attempt to force lock in to the business model of Evernote ( screw them and their deliberate excuse for export ), SOHO notes, Jojimbo, CircusPonies, and Scrivener, and a couple of forgettable others, DevonNote looks workable.

BUT, apparent lack of easy formatting is a borderline deal breaker, for me.

I though maybe DNPro might provide it. But I haven’t been able to find a link to a demo, or info…

There’s just one version of DevonNote. The shortcut shift-command-R will bring up the ruler, where you can select styles, etc. as in other mac apps.

DevonThink comes in three flavors: Personal, Pro, and ProOffice. Perhaps one of these will suit you better. There is a nice comparison chart if you look at the products page.

Hope this helps. There is somewhat of a learning curve here, but it’s worth getting to know what it can do. I’ve tried all of the ones you mentioned and have not found any that does all that DevonThink can do.

thanks creno,

the ruler and formatting is what I could not find.

I looked at the comparison chart you pointed too, it had eluded me. Not that I am much the wiser re what may best suit.

A learning curve certainly. I’ll persist.