First impressions from new user

new user coming over from Evernote (premium user for more than 10 years). I really like what I see and there is enormous potential for the power user (I started by reading the book from Kissel). However it is far from perfect. First impressions:

  1. DTTG is a drama, feels more like beta version. Crashes often, hangs on syncing, errors during syncing (iPhone 11, fully updated iOS)
  2. I miss syncing of crucial elements: favorite list (not only among macOS and iOS but also among my two Macs!), templates (not syncing across the Macs, had to transfer them manually, completely impossible (?) to import in iOS)
  3. lack of bidirectional linking (would be a nice addition)

Thank you for the feedback!

Support for synchronising favorites will be added to a future release. But the templates of DEVONthink 3 are not compatible to DEVONthink To Go. Otherwise they would be already part of DEVONthink To Go.

The Document > Links inspector of DEVONthink 3 lists all incoming links.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Do you let iOS send crash reports to developers? Or please open a support ticket and attach all crash logs from the Settings app > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data that you can find. Thank you.

It just hangs and doesn’t respond to anything. I have to quit the app and start it again. I am not sure if it creates crash reports.

Please post a screen capture of what you’re seeing when it hangs.

(I’ve increased your trust level so you should be able to post images.)

I’ll do so. In the meantime I have to say that the support rocks!



Thanks for the nice feedback. It’s very appreciated.

Yes I do share crash logs by default.
I had an incident that I describe as “freezing” this morning, at 08:45 (I know thanks to the time stamp of the screen capture I made). I had used the DTTG app a bit earlier to search something and then I opened the app again to look up something else. I pressed the “<” button on top left of the screen a couple of times to go to the Home Screen (I am not sure whether you search by default all the databases when you start a new search from within a certain database, that’s why I keep going back to the Home screen). When I reached it (as shown in the attachment) the app “froze”, none of the touch buttons would respond. The only thing I could do was swipe up and exit (I didn’t force close the app on purpose). I left the phone lying on my desk, after 30 min that I checked again the app was responsive again.
I checked the analytics data but I don’t see anything produced with an appropriate time stamp to send you (they were two for today, one a bit after midnight and the other 3 hours post the incident). I also have to say that I hadn’t added any special notes since yesterday night so that freezing of the app could be justified from “syncing”.

Thanks for the time and effort you invest in support.

Yes, you can choose that in the search options below the search field.

It seems the freeze comes from some background activity that applies its results to the so-called main context. We’ll keep an eye on this behavior.

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