Fishing for "When?"

OK, I’ll be the one to go fishing for this answer. Do we have a date for the release of DT Pro?



It seems to always be “in the next month” and this is as reliable as “tomorrow” meaning it’s always a few days away  ;)

Would love to see it, and use it.  I REALLY would like the site-sucker functionality.

As Steve Jobs said in 1983:

"Ship it!"


My iBook is bursting with anticipation…Save it the pain and release DT Pro.

hardcat ???

I opened up the floodgates! I hope it gets released soon. I’m tired of having to check the web site 50 times a day!

We know you’re tired of waiting. We’re really working extremely hard these days to get it ready for shipping. We just don’t want to release something incomplete. It’s already stable, solid and fast. Just some minor features and polish is still needed.

We’ll release an update for DEVONnote next week, though, which will already incorporate many new features inherited from big brother DEVONthink Pro.

And: No need to check our website 50 times a day – just subscribe to our newsletter (if you’re already a customer, you’re subscribed automatically) and we’ll keep you up-to-date. You’ll know about the Pro even before the press does :wink:



Where’s the fun in that!?!  :)

And: Take your time. I’d rather a stable, polished program than something buggy and clunky.