Fix links after moving files

After reorganizing my hard drive, many of the links in my DT file were "broken."

Is there a quick way to fix these broken links or must it be a manual, file by file process?



If you’ve imported those files using DT 1.7, the links should be updated automatically (as DT 1.7 uses aliases internally). Otherwise you have to update the links.

Or you could use symbolic links (or aliases) to create a file/folder structure on your harddisc similar to the old one as DT 1.7 resolves aliases and symbolic links.

Thanks for fast reply.

Here’s an example of what I did. I have a folder labeled Projects on my Desktop. The folder contains two files, both are FileMaker (database files). I dragged the folder to DEVONthink creating a link to both files. I later moved the PROJECTS folder to another location on my harddrive. The links in DEVONtthink did not change and no longer worked.

What did I do wrong?



Which version did you use to import those files? There are only internal aliases for files imported using v1.7.

Note: Just like in the Finder - aliases may break too.

Sorry I forgot to mention that I used version 1.7 – the only version of DT I’v ever had.

I understand that things don’t always work as planned (I’m in software business, too!). Just wanted to know if it was supposed to resolve aliases after moving files and if there was some command to repair broken aliases in one fell swoop – so to speak.

Thanks again.