FIXED IN LATEST UPDATE ** "Data > Move to..." menu item not working

EDIT: Oops. Just discovered this very bug was fixed in the latest update, which I have now installed. All is good.

I routinely use the “Data > Move to…” menu item (or its Cmd-Ctrl-M shortcut) to move files around. It has suddenly (I’d guess within the past couple of weeks) stopped working. I select one or more files in my database Inbox (or any other group), select “Move to” from the Data menu or press Cmd-Ctrl-M, and the popover group list appears. I double-click on the desired group, the popover closes, and… nothing happens. The file doesn’t move, and the “Move to… again” destination in the Data menu does not update.

If I drag the file to the appropriate group in the sidebar, it moves into the group, and the “Move to… again” destination updates to the correct destination group. Likewise, if I Ctrl-click on a selected file and choose “Move to…” from the contextual menu, it works as expected. It appears to be only the Data menu item that’s not working.

The database consists of indexed files only. Files moved from the inbox to an indexed group are automatically moved into the file system. I’m running DTP 3.9.3 on MacOS Monterey. I’ve tried closing and restarting DTP, and restarting my computer; neither had any effect. Have I somehow inadvertently changed some preference setting that could cause this, or is it a bug?

(As an aside, I’ve noticed that the Data Menu descriptions in the DT Manual do not even mention the “Move to” and “Move to … again” commands – only “Move into Database” and “Move to External Folder”.)

No worries and thanks for the follow-up! :slight_smile: