fixed: Mail Extension cannot be installed on MacOS 10.14

I’ve just updated to the new MacOS and it seems the mail extensions cannot be installed anymore - see snapshots (German language). I’ve also posted a snapshot of the user folder for mail bundles.
Are you aware of this or do I have a problem here?
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Quit Mail.
  2. Quit Pro Office.
  3. Go into the Mail/Bundles folder and delete the DEVONthink mail conduit bundle. You shouldn’t have all those Disabled bundle folders. Delete all but the one without the Disabled message.
  4. Relaunch Pro Office and install the Mail plugin from the DEVONthink Pro Office menu item > Install Add-Ons.
  5. Relaunch Mail and enable the plugin via Apple Mail’s Preferences > General > Manage Plug-ins.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Unfortunately doesn’t work.

Pro Office fails immediately due to “insufficient write permissions” in the Bundles folder.
Enabling the Plug-in in fails with “incompatible version - please ask vendor for a new version for Mail 12.0”

I’ve the same issue on a second computer with new OS X.

See … il-plugin/


I followed the steps to aktivate the plugin, but if i klick “Apply and restart” it does not activate the plugin. Deleting and installing the plugin doues not work too :frowning:

How are you assessing this?

Wwell, after reopening DevonThink, there is no option, to send mails to DT. If i look into the “Manage Plugins”, its still deactivated. Installing 10.14.1 and DT 2.10.2 does not fix the problem on my iMac. :frowning:

Try it on another account on that machine.