Fixing missing files

I accidentally moved some external files around that were linked to my DT database (rather than imported). Now DT can’t find them. It would be great if we had a way to edit the file path in the Info dialogue and/or call up the file chooser dialogue to manually locate the missing file. Any frequent user of iTunes would be familiar with this feature.

Agreed. No way this would be implemented in time to use right after soon migrating my databases to a new system and likely breaking a few external file references, but I wouldn’t expect/need to immediately fix most of them anyway.

Yup, I just used it again this morning. :slight_smile:

iTunes Store downloads don’t follow a TV Shows alias or symlink in iTunes Media to a location on another volume so I manually move and re-associate them afterwards. I still do it infrequently enough that’s it’s just a minor nuisance, especially with knowing exact new locations of any moved files.

With DT, I might not always know new locations so having search capability in the chooser dialog would be handy.

Which has now happened in some post-migrated dbs, as expected. In the short term I’m looking for suggestions how to easily locate all those references (both broken and working ones) so I can decide how to handle 'em. At worst I can eyeball check for link arrow indicators in the History window but that’s tediously error-prone for my large dbs without being able to sort by those indicators. Any better ideas are welcomed – thanks!

You can at least create a smart group using the filter “Instance is indexed”. But you would still have to click through that for the missing documents.

Thanks, Bill. I’d overlooked checking under Instance for “… indexed” before asking. That filtering with the Path column visible (and sorting by it) is easily sufficient for this task.

Yep, this would be very useful to have.

DT v1 supported Path editing; I forget why it was removed in v2.