Flagged smart group in DT2G

I’ve turned on the smart group Flagged in DT2G. I was under the impression this smart group would show any item I have flagged in open databases. It does not do that; I have several flagged items in different DBs but the smart group is greyed out. Is this smart group only supposed to work for the Global Inbox, or is this a bug, or is there a setting I have missed for configuration of what is included in Smart Groups?

What exactly do you mean with “greyed out”? Could you please share a screenshot of this effect with us? Thank you.

These should clarify’ note that there are flagged files in the open dbs

You need to touch the Flagges Smart Group then press Done. You’re still editing the list.

ha thanks, got it, my bad. I tell you I use dozens on dozens of other apps but dtg2 and dtpo seem to trip me up.