Float windows in DTPO

Is there a way to float windows in DTPO? I have created an RTF document, in which I would like to take notes as I navigate through several files (PDFs and webpages) within a folder. Of course, when I select one of the files in the folder, the main DTPO window is brought to the front and I have to recall the RTF window. And so on.

I would welcome any suggestions, including directions to any apps that might do this for me. I believe Afloat no longer works. I’ve had a look at the forum, but can’t find a solution.

EDIT: Sorry, meant to post this in the Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting forum.

Ugh! Stay away from SIMBL stuff. :open_mouth:

There isn’t a good option for pinning windows on a Mac nowadays. You could position your windows so the RTF file and the window you are browsing are both visible.

Alternatively, if you are just doing general note-taking with other apps (non-DEVONthink) in the RTF, you could minimize all but the RTF file, the right-click DEVONthink’s dock icon and choose Options > Assign to All Desktops. This would make the RTF file appear on all Spaces. If you lost focus of the window, a quick Command-Tab to DEVONthink would bring it (and only it, since the other windows are minimized) to the front.

Nice workaround Bluefrog, thanks.
The request arises from my use of Scrivener, where I can keep Quick Reference windows floating and always visible while typing away in their main editor. Very useful tool. Of course I have no idea how they implement it, but I know one or two of the development/support team hang out here so they might be able to suggest whether it is adaptable to DT or not.