flyout menu not working during 'link to' operation

Hi -

Running into a possible intermittent UI bug on flyout menus during a ‘link to’ operation.


  1. Select text (a word which I want as a hyperlink) in rich text note

  2. Right click and select ‘Link to’

  3. Navigate to a group in which there is definitely a linkable item. You can even see the right-facing arrow to the right of the group icon and label (indicating that it does have linkable content in it and for which I double checked to make sure there is content to link to in that group).

  4. Problem: hovering over the group produces no flyout.

Again, this is intermittent, for other groups (during the same operation, i.e., while the ‘link to’ contextual menu is still visible) the items display in their resulting flyout menu, but for others they don’t.

Have you seen this one before? It is problematic because I am using the ‘link to’ function a lot to get the wiki-like functionality. Please advise.

How deep is your group hierarchy? As far as I remember, the menus of Mac OS X are still limited to max. 7 submenus.