focus/clipboard probs w Mozilla?

I upgraded to Mozilla 1.7.5 in the past few weeks and started using DT 1.9.2 a few days ago.

I’m finding that I need to close down Mozilla after some copy-and-paste operations from Mozilla to DT, because I’m no longer able to get Mozilla to respond properly to selecting with the mouse.

Anyone else having problems like this? Or is it just my particular mix of software on my Mac OS-X 10.3.2 set-up?

Again, two symptoms, which can be cleared by closing down and restarting Mozilla:

  1. A new copy-and-paste from Mozilla into DT pastes old material;

  2. Lose ability to set insertion point in Mozilla boxes (e.g. Google search box) and enter new typing.

Anyone else using Mozilla 1.7.5 and DT?

This problem is continuing on a daily basis.