Focus of captured note changed in 1.8?

When I open a web page in Devonthink and capture a note, the focus no longer switches to the newly created RTF file, as it used to, but remains on the web page.

Is there any way to get the previous behaviour back?

(Actually, I think it would be even more convenient if the Take Rich Note service would also grab the URL or path and file name of the source document.)

Great app, BTW.


Thanks for the feedback. And yes, this has been modified as most users prefer it that way (e.g. this makes it possible to browse, capture notes, pages, frames, images etc., continue browsing etc.). Finally, services can’t currently capturing URL and title due to limitations of the service system and the data provided to services. But we’re working on this.

Not sure what you mean by "capture a note", Lambert.

I create a link to DT (method is irrelevant here), then use Capture Page in the contextual menu of the WebLink content view to create a HTML page.  At that point selection focus is still on the original item, which I prefer since I normally delete it.

I may decide to convert that HTML page using Convert->to (Plain|Rich) Text from the contextual menu while focused on the item (and still wondered why Convert isn’t also in the CM for that content view).  At that point selection focus is on the new plain/rich text item, which I prefer since I normally edit it, then remove the original item after I’m satisfied with the result.

The Capture Page doesn’t change focus and Convert to… does.  I’m confused what the new behavior is that you dislike, tho’ Christian seems to have understood you. :slight_smile:

sjk wrote:

Not sure what you mean by "capture a note", Lambert.

"Capture Note" is the command that is available from the contextual menu after you have made a selection within a webpage displayed by Devonthink. It can also be accessed from a customized toolbar.

I create a link to DT (method is irrelevant here), then use Capture Page in the contextual menu of the WebLink content view to create a HTML page. At that point selection focus is still on the original item, which I prefer since I normally delete it.

Usually all I want is the content, not the markup etc., and I want to edit it slightly (set the title, increase font size, remove links). However, at that point I have to hunt for the note because the focus is still on the webloc. Previously the focus changed to the captured note.

Now, in order to find it, I repeat the Capture Note command so the duplicates get highlighted in the list.

Heck, it would probably be easier to just take a note from the service menu while still in Safari and use Copy & Paste to add the URL. :slight_smile:

Every week a new issue of Science Magazine comes out. I’ve set up a bookmark to Science. I click on that and start browsing through the new issue. When I come across an item of interest, I may capture it as HTML, or select a portion and capture that as RTF. (Open the item, Ctrl-click or right-click to view the Contextual Menu options, and capture the item, complete with its URL.)

I definitely want the focus to stay in my WebKit browser in DEVONthink, so that I don’t lose my place in my journey through the online journal.

But I will want to edit the material I’ve just captured, and I don’t want to have to hunt through my entire database to find the new items.

So I’ve created a group called “Edit These Items” and – before going to the Science issue – set my DEVONthink Preferences to import new notes to the Edit These Items group. Then, at my leisure, I can edit items and send them off for permanent classifications among my groups.

Life is great.

Tip: If you use “Capture Note”, the focus remains on the web page. If you use the service “Take Rich Note” ( or press Command-) ), the new item is automatically selected (DT’s own services do of course work within DT too).

Thank you, Bill and Christian,

Very good tips indeed.


This may seem obvious to some, but I"ve taken to selecting the page’s URL in Safari and hitting my fkey for “Take Plain Note”, this sends the page as a webloc link to DT. From there I can either keep it as a link, capture it as a page or capture selections as text --if and when I see fit – and the url automatically transfers to the URL field.

Good enough for me.

Useful tip, eiron.  Guess I hadn’t tried that since WebLink support was added. :slight_smile:


good to see you here again :slight_smile:

Good to be back.

So when is DTPro coming?

:wink: Just kidding, I love 1.8.1a.
It and Tinderbox seem to be filling most of my note-handling needs these days.

Thanks for all the hard work.


I’d forgotten a downside (even tho’ it’s mentioned in this and other topics, duh) – the page title isn’t captured when using Services functions.  Foo.  But it’s still a handy use for Take Plain Note when that doesn’t matter.

Tinderbox seems intriguing but I have to resist looking at it out of curiosity rather than necessity. :wink:

Ah!!! Another Tinderbox fan! I keep hoping beyond hope that Tinderbox support is coming for DT. Now I just drop PDFs of my tinderbox docs into DT.

Out of curiosity, why bother with PDF? I’ve been exporting my TB files to HTML, and linking the resulting folder in DT. Works Great, though it would be even better to be able to easily update the link.

Version 1.9 will add both a synchronize command and "folder references" (basically links to folders refreshing their contents automatically). This should improve this task a lot (and DT will become kind of a simple file manager/Finder replacement too).

me too!

Usually the “Capture Note” command should be sufficient, IMHO. But maybe I’m wrong.