Folder actions and scans

I am evaluating DT for my personal use as DMS. I have a problem with two (I think) basic features.

I have a Brother network scanner and as target for the scans I use a share on my Synology NAS. So I would like DT to check that share and transfer it into the database.

I am using the folder actions together with the script „Import, OCS & Delete“ for that folder, but it works only one time. As soon as I close the share, restart my computer or even after a second try the folder actions stops responding and nothing happens. I always have to disable that folder action and enable it again. It seems that the folder actions have problems with shares. Is this correct? Because on local folders it works without problems.

So my question is how can this be fixed? I think this is a real basic function for applications like DT and I have to rely on that mechanism.

Second question:
I scan always in bulk into one PDF and afterwards I split the document into the single PDF. I have seen programs which can do that split automatically via a separator page which must be put between the documents. I know that DT has this feature in the bulk scanning option, but how can I implement it if I use the network scanner and the share and not the integrated scan feature?

Thanks for any help,

You could try to add the share to your auto mounter.

There are so many alternative ways to do this… many people scan from their desktop, I scan from the device and send an email, others might scan from the device to DT’s inbox.
How is your NAS folder mounted, anyway - SMB, AFP, NFS, …?

You could try to add the share to your auto mounter.

I remember a discussion and DT support did not recommend the usage of auto mount. But I give it a try.

I mount the folder with SMB. My goal is to scan the papers right away with computer switched off. Once a week I use the computer to sort the incoming scans into DT.


In that case, you could try to put the SMB folder in your login objects (system settings/users). But I’m not sure if the whole issue is related to DT. Does a simple folder action attached to SMB folder (like add - alert if new item) work in your case?

There’s also this old thread: Folder actions - on networked folders? AFP? SMB?

Yes, the whole issue seems to be a MacOS issue. Even if I add an alert for a new item on that folder, it works only once. I have to disable and enable “Enable folder actions” to get it working again, but even after that it works only once.
As I said: with local drives everything working fine.

I think I have to search for another solution.

I’d suggest you look at DEVONthink’s smart rules.
You could index the destination folder into DEVONthink and target it in a smart rule. Here’s an example…

Ah, the infinite joy of Apple automation services…
@BLUEFROG’s suggestion is probably closest to your intentions.

Thanks! That worked for me, except that the file in the destination folder is already there. I think I need a script who delete the file after. Can I use there parts of the “Import, OCR & Delete” script?

BTW: With Hazel the monitoring of the NAS folder works without problems.

What destination folder is already where? Remember, we can’t see your setup.

I think I need a script who delete the file after.

There is no need to delete a file if you create the smart rule as shown.

Sorry for the confusion. I created the smart rule as above. With local folders everything works fine (OCR, move to the group “Inbox” as mentioned in your hardcopy).

But if I index instead of a local folder a folder on my NAS (Synology, SMB share), the file gets through the OCR and its moved to the group “Inbox” but the original file will stay in that folder. It is still visible in the finder. My user has the permission to delete the file in the finder.

Is there a known problem with indexed folders on shares?

Thanks a lot!

Are you intending to keep the OCR’d file indexed?

Sorry, if I have a problems with the understanding, but I am new to DT, I want the OCR‘d file saved in the database of DT, but not in my filesystem.
So my workflow should be like this:
Scan to network folder, OCR, transfer into DT database and delete the file in the folder structure.

Is this possible or do I have do keep always the file in the folder structure?

Add a Move into Database action at the beginning of the action chain. This will move the file into the database then apply OCR.