Folder Actions & Hazel

I’ve tried setting up a folder for importing into DTP Office. I assigned the folder action to import, OCR and delete and set Hazel to rename and move files into that folder. Hazel does its thing but the folder action doesn’t seem to kick in. I’ve checked that the folder, script and folder actions are all enabled but nothing happens.
Can anyone shed any light on this or suggest a better way (I am useless with Applescript or Automator)?


Model: MacPro3,1
OS Version: OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)
Processor: 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB
Storage: WDC WD5000AAKS-41YGA1 MediaWDC WD3200AAJS-41VWA1 MediaTRUSTED Mass Storage Media
Memory: 14 GB

It’s unclear from the description what the sequence of events is. Is Hazel attempting to rename items after they are imported?

No, Hazel renames the files in my downloads folder, changes tags, then moves the file to the folder with the folder action assigned. It all goes well but the folder action is not initiated.


Does the action work on that folder if you add something to it manually?

I don’t know if Hazel generally has a problem with triggering folder actions. Since the trigger depends on the file system paying attention to the folder and then initiating the attached DEVONthink script, I’m doubtful if there is anything DEVONthink can do to improve the situation because it is essentially a bystander to a process that the file system is controlling. It might be helpful to ask the question over at the Hazel forum: “has anyone had problems with folder actions initiating when Hazel moves a document into a folder”.

No. I created a doc in Textwrangler and manually dropped it into the folder and it just sits there. I wondered if there was an issue with Mavericks and the DT scripts.

Over here, on 10.9.1, the DEVONthink folder actions are working. Did you have a folder action assigned to a folder before you upgraded to 10.9? Just for belts-and-suspenders, you might want to be sure you have the latest download of DEVONthink (2.7.3 as of today), re-install the folder actions, and create a new folder with the action you want.

Check that the Folder Action is properly enabled for that folder in the Folder Actions Setup.

It appears to be that one script with the problem.

I created a new folder and assigned the import and delete script, added a test file and all went well. I then changed the script to the import, OCR and delete script and added another file and nothing happened.

I have downloaded the new version of DTP Office and added scripts again. Perhaps someone with knowledge of scripts could check it out for me?


It seems to be working now. I deleted everything, reinstalled the scripts remade the folders etc and, fingers crossed, Hazel modifies the file, passes it to the import folder where the script imports it to DTP.

Thanks for the help



The folder actions dispatcher is not constantly looking at a folder for changes, so it is possible that if two Hazel actions occur relatively close to one another then the dispatcher does not recognize them as two actions but one, and does not trigger the DEVONthink script.