Folder Actions not working DT 2.4

I’m new to using Folder Actions; installed support via the Devonthink Pro Office menu, selected a folder, added the import, OCR, then delete script. Box to make the script active is checked. Nothing happens when I place a .pdf in the folder. Nada. What should I check to troubleshoot? Running 10.8.2. Thanks.

What you described for your set up looks right. I tested your exact steps just now with a pretty poorly scanned document; 16 pages. The OCR was painfully slow. It is not obvious that anything is happening, but if you open DEVONthink > Window > Activity you should see the OCR progress for each item added to the folder. The files are processed in sequence, one by one, so adding a lot of large files will take a long time to OCR.

Yeah, I’m not seeing anything in the activity window. When I use Scansnap I see the OCR status bar progressing; nothing here.

I’ve also tried OTHER folder actions and nothing is working!

You’re sure the files are PDF and have the .pdf extension?

If folder actions in general are not working, perhaps this will help. (Google the problem; seems to be common with Mountain Lion.)

Looks like I might be experiencing the ‘general’ problem with folder actions described above.