Folder for scans as a watched folder?


I have a network scanner and a specifically assigned folder where the scanner puts the scans. Is it possible to assign this folder as a kind of watched folder for DT Pro Office? In other words that as soon as the scanner puts scans in this folder, DT will import them automatically in the inbox? And maybe converts the pdf to a searchable ones?

Thanks for the help

Absolutely. You do this by creating a folder action, which means attaching an applescript to a folder in Finder, that gets run whenever a new document comes in.

  1. Install folder actions using the Help->Install add-ons menu in DT
  2. Right-click on your folder in Finder, and choose “Folder Actions Setup…” (may be in the Services submenu)
  3. in the dialog that pops up, choose one of the DEVONthink scripts (i.e. “DEVONthink - Import, OCR & Delete.scpt”) and press “Attach”
  4. Drag and drop your files in (or have them automatically sent in via scanner)

Wow. Thank you very much. Really appreciated it.