FOLDER LOCK (not document lock) NEEDED !!!

A much needed “wish list item” that definately needs to come to past is a way to LOCK THE ENTIRE FOLDER. You’ve given us the ability to lock individual documents inside of a folder, but the ability to “ALSO” just simply lock the entire folder with one easy click would greatly and quickly simply things!

Russell L Gleason

You can lock folders via the Info panel and via action/contextual menus (but locking folders does only prevent deleting at the moment).

Cgrunenburg - I found the FOLDER LOCK in the action menu as you had suggested (I had become accustom to finding the LOCK in the MENU BAR of the text rich documents which is why I couldn’t find the LOCK for the FOLDERS - thanks!

Also, the prevention of accidential erasure (deletion) was the objective of my suggestion. Thanks again very, very much!

In Christ,
Russell L Gleason