Folders as Tags and Inherited Folders as Tags...

I like to use DevonThink to take notes on books I read. I organize my notes into different folders based on the name of the book (“Winnie The Pooh”), and the chapters of the book (Chapter one). The folder “Chapter One” is very useful for me. However, “Chapter One” isn’t quite as useful when used as a tag. And, it becomes counter-productive when the tag “Chapter One” inherits the tag “Winnie The Pooh” when I’m taking notes on Chapter One of a different book. From my understanding, it defeats the purpose and usefulness of tagging when a tag inherits a mirrored folder structure. You are left with a flat view of your folders instead of the “drill down” usefulness of tags.

Tags in DevonThink are becoming more and more useful to me. Especially with the new add on application Ammonite. It allows you to browse tags in a very useful way.

Are there some tagging options that I’m not seeing? If not, I think we need a couple tagging preferences. The option to choose whether or not a file inherits folder names as tags.


ps… Counting the hours till DevonThink To Go shows up in the app store!!

Right click on the database and then check “exclude groups from tagging.” Groups no longer show up in a document’s tag list.

Good Grief. That easy. I was looking all over the preferences. Hopefully other new users will find this helpful.

It would be nice to differentiate between folders as tags and inherited folders as tags.